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Should I feel hurt? Because I do ....

S. M. asks from Beverly Hills

My husband never wants to do anything with me. I ask him to go to the beach with me but he says no, he hates the beach. But then he turns around and goes with his friends. He says it's the only time he gets to see them. I had a wedding to go to but he didn't want to go...

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Have you used "Vamousse" for head lice?

M. R. asks from Sterling

Alas, my teen daughter has head lice (yeah, it's making the rounds among teens in our area right now--after we escaped it all through elementary school!). We'll be doing lots and lots of nit-combing on a regular schedule for a while to come, which friends who've had teens...

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Falling into Autumn: Creating Lasting Family Traditions

by Kathryn Reilly of "Mamapedia"

Today officially marks the first day of autumn: time to plan some family fun!

As summer’s lazy days slip quietly away, autumn arrives with some of the year’s most enjoyable activities. There’s just something magical about green leaves turning, and fall harvests ripening into delicious family meals. Apple picking replaces pool days and we zip up our favorite boots for shorter evenings filled with crackling fire pits and sugary sweet s’mores…. More